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Salus Law, PLLC

Scales of Justice in the Hands of a Lawyer — Business Formation in Seattle, WA
Salus Law, PLLC provides high level legal solutions tailored to client needs. We work with you to find legal solutions that work, helping you secure public benefits or helping your business move forward in your industry. We work with clients for flat fees, under hourly arrangements, under retainers, or on a contingency basis in social security cases. Get legal help when and where you need it by contacting us today. Salus Law, PLLC works in two unique areas of the law.
Salus Law, PLLC is a husband and wife team that works closely with a large network of attorneys in the Seattle Area. In every case we're involved in, we bring a unique perspective, a bias toward action, and high level legal analysis. We've seen federal district court litigation, closed commercial transactions, obtained $100,000's in Social Security Benefits for clients, assigned IP, worked on licensing agreements and NDA's, brought products to market, and much more.
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